Counselling in Bath - Integrative Counselling - How can I help?

Finding the path to heal

Unhappiness comes in many forms and is called by a variety of names: depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness, emptiness, grief, sorrow, regret, yearning, despair. We may or may not think we know why we have our problem. When it persists, when we cannot escape from it and can no longer bear it alone.




In my friendly private practice, located in the centre of Bath, I offer:

  • Compassionate, empathetic counselling on a long-term or short-term basis
  • Support during difficult periods of life
  • Help with sorting out priorities and making clear choices
  • Non-judgemental support and encouragement to face difficult feelings and surmount emotional blocks
  • The opportunity to talk and be listened to, in as much depth as you need, to see yourself and your situation in a new light, from a new perspective, and to seek new solutions to carry you forward to a happier, more constructive and fulfilling future.



Please telephone 07790 099105 for a confidential appointment

Fee on request (concessions may be available)